Certification of Originality

The Restoration of Vintage Slicers Berkel need Certification of Originality

The Certificate of Originality is drawn up in two copies, one copy of which remains in the hands of the Customer, the second copy at the office of “The World’s Best Slicers”.

Certification of Originality

or the company executing the restoration. The Certificate has the function of ensuring that the slicer or the object restored, is in any case a restored vintage slicer and not a reproduction or a replica or a transformation from other slicers of other brands and models, the origin and quality of the materials used by the restorer is guaranteed , such as chrome, painting and decorations in accordance with the model stated in the document. The certificate of originality, must contain every single part of small or large size that was replaced during the last restoration or even previously the restoration, which may still affect the originality and consequently the value of the object taken into consideration.

The Certification of Originality

This Certificate can also be challenged subsequently for legal consequences on the declarations made. The Certification of Originality can be made only and exclusively under the control of the authorized organ and with specific authorization of the same. Any certification made by other unauthorized registrants is to be considered worthless.


The Simulation of Certificates of Originality where the Manufacturer or Owner of the Brand does not affix any signature is to be considered an illusion for the buyer to encourage the purchase. In order to be valid, each document must contain the signing of a person who is held responsible, every person or company mentioned in the Certificate who does not affix a signature of a manager or legal representative who is authorized to take responsibility for the work. however, performed by others is to be considered random or even null.


Our certificate

The Certificate of Originality is drawn up in duplicate, one copy of which remains in the hands of the Customer, the second copy in the headquarters of “The World’s Best Slicers”
- Giorgio Maschi