Detail of Work/Characteristics

for a restoration of quality
In a historic slicer it is not only important the outside appearance, but it is significant to evaluate every detail. The first step is to complete the slicer with original parts, but not of new construction, recover without replacing worn parts with new production parts, with exclusion of the blade,sharpening stones and the bearings. Each phase of the restoration is of great importance on the final result; by the mastery of mechanical work to the quality of the paint and products used for the same up to the decorations made with original antique decals and finishing with the highest quality of galvanic, not to forget all the final checks before delivery, to guarantee a product unique every time. The pedestal is proposed in extra and is always original from the same age for each slicer or balance. On request we also have many pedestals for sale in addition to the complete slicers in the store..

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