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Burgers model A


The Burgers model A flywheel slicer was produced from 1870 to 1885 in the Deventer - Holland - and this creation was an idea of ​​Henricus Burgers a locksmith who had started with the first factory that produced bicycles in Holland and sewing machines, subsequently also motorcycles. The innovative idea with respect to spiral slicers was a slicer which, by means of the semicircular movement of the trolley using a simple flat blade, could have a product cut so that in the cutting phase it was only touched by the sharp part of the blade , therefore a better cut than the one done in the tip of a knife and above all minimizing the contact with the blade and not heating the product does not create organoleptic alterations to the same. The slicer Burgers Mod.A was born without the sharpening apparatus, later for needs of the professional use of the machine itself, H.Burgers patented a sharpener by applying it in the upper part of the shoulder.