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Lucey Silent Slicer


The flywheel slicer Lucey Silent Slicer was produced in the USA in the period from 1925 to 1933 by former workers who worked in the Bekel factories that had decided to produce a flywheel slicer that could be in the choice of the materials used in the construction and realization of the machine itself, both in the design of the mechanics and in the realization of the decorations themselves. This machine, in addition to having a striking appearance, is equipped with a very silent mechanism of sliding and movement of the mechanical parts. As for the quality of cutting has nothing to envy to the close relatives produced by the much more established manufacturer "Berkel" because placing the regulator of the thickness of the slice in the cutting position number 1 we have a product sliced ​​in the thickness of 0.2 mm. So in the same perfection and dimension of the most prestigious Bekel slicers. This machine mounts a blade with 350 mm. of diameter and is provided with the sharpening device fixed on the shoulder, provided with a single large stone that according to the position where it is moved ensures a good sharpening and a consequent deburring of the blade in order to always have a quality cut. This flywheel slicer Lucey Silent Slicer weighs a total of 105 kg.


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