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Berkel U.S. model B Red


Meat Slicer U.S. Berkel model B


The flywheel meat slicer Berkel U.S. model B was built in the period 1918 to 1928 in the factory La Porte – Indiana plant in Toronto – Canada. The Berkel model Baby is known as Baby B, or simply as ” Indianina ” This is the smallest Berkel meat slicer produced at U.S. Slicing Machine La Porte Indiana. Features a blade in diameter of 263 mm. and a thickness adjustment of the slice to 12 and 13 positions. The Berkel model B working by a flywheel with a floral design and with a diameter of 279 mm. with description relief ” U.S. Slicing Machine Co. La Porte Ind. ” and was produced in the colors red, green, black and metallic parts are originally nickel plated. The Slicing machine Berkel model B has a total size of 670 mm. length 460 mm. width and 470 mm. height and needs a support of 180 mm. x 380 mm. The meat slicer U.S. Berkel model B has total weight of 44 kg.