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Berkel U.S. model 100

Meat Slicer U.S. Berkel model 100



The Flywheel Meat slicer U.S. Berkel model 100 was built in the period since 1918 to 1925 in the factory of La porte – Indiana and Toronto - Canada. The Meat Slicer U.S. Berkel model 100 covering a blade of 350 mms. and 370 mms. of diameter according to the period of production and it has a regulation of the thickness of the slice to 24 positions. The Meat Slicer U.S. Berkel model 100 operated by a flyweel with a diameter of 368 mms. with the writings in relief U.S. Slicing Machine La Porte Indiana and was produced in the red and green color and the metallic parts are originally nickeled. The Meat Slicer Berkel mod. 100 have a total size of 840 mms. length 640 mms. width and 650 mms. height and needs a support of 280 mms. largh. 500 mms. lungh. The Slicing Machine U.S. Berkel model 100 all together weight 112 Kgs.