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Berkel U.S. model 11 Red


Meat Slicer U.S. Berkel model 11



The flywheel meat slicer U.S. Berkel model 11 is built in the period 1928 to 1936 in the factory of La Porte – Indiana and Toronto- Canada. The Berkel model 11 is a variant of the European Berkel model 20 and was built after U.S. Berkel model C. The U.S. Berkel model 11 installed a blade of 370 mm. and has a slice thickness adjustment with 24 positions.. The Meat Slicer U.S. Berkel model11 is driven by a flywheel closed with a diameter of 340 mm. and inside decal with the words U.S. Slicing Machine Co La Porte Ind. The U.S Berkel model 11 was produced in red and green, the metal parts are originally chrome plated. The U.S. Berkel model 11 has a total size of 880 mm. length 650 mm. width and 660 mm. height and needs a support of 280 mm. width 500 mm. total length The slicing machine U.S. Berkel model 11 weighs 98 Kg.