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Slicer U.S. Berkel model 80


The flywheel slicer U.S. Berkel Model 80 was built in the period from 1912 to 1916, firstly in the factory of Chicago Illinois then at La Porte – Indiana. The slicer U.S. Berkel Model 80 uses a blade with a diameter of 350 mm. and has a slice thickness adjustment at 24 positions on the right side of the slicer's body, where it is possible to see a protruding part in which the adjustment/feed mechanism runs. The sharpener used is newly designed with a round shape, also used in the U.S. Berkel 70 and U.S. Berkel Model 100 models. The flywheel slicer U.S. Berkel Model 80 is powered by a flywheel with a floral design with a diameter of 368 mm with the engraving "U.S. Slicing Machine La Porte Indiana", and the advancement of the plate, where the product to be cut is fastened, carries on through a worm placed under the driver. The flywheel slicer U.S. Berkel Model 80 was produced in red and its metal parts were originally nickeled. The Berkel model 80 has a total footprint of 840 mm, length 640 mm, width and height 650 mm and needs a support of 260 mm x 460 mm. The slicer Berkel model 80 has an overall weight of 112 kg.



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