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Berkel model ZB scale

Scale Berkel model ZB


The scale model Berkel ZB was produced in the factory of Van Berkel's Patent Rotterdam Holland in the period from 1948 to 1964. This scale is a variant of the "Z" series which also includes the balance Berkel modell ZN , which unlike two dishes, the one in front of the second that serves to support the goods to be weighed, and the one at the back for adding weights that serve to overtake the first kilogram of weight. The ZB version has only one plate for the weighing goods and a snap lever placed at the bottom of the weighing body that serves to exceed the weight weighing more than a kilogram of weight. The Berkel ZB scale was originally painted in black and white red and the metal parts were originally chromed. The maximum capacity is 3 kilograms and the total weight of the balance is 28 kg.