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The Standard Computing Scale model 155

The Standard Computing Scale modello 155


The Standard Computing Scale Model 155 is one of the first scales produced in U. S. A . from this renowned manufacturer of professional weighing systems. The characteristic of this scale is the weighing procedure which is carried out by means of the levers connected to the glass plate where the goods to be weighed are placed. These levers are in turn connected to springs which are fixed to small racks, which slide by means of a small gear located in the middle of a roller where the weight sequence obtained during weighing is printed. This weight is displayed both in front of the operator and on the part of the customer who can verify the truthfulness of the weight obtained through a small window obtained in the metal covering placed around the roller itself. The Standard Computing Scale model 155 weighs a total of 38 kilograms and has a maximum capacity of 20 kg. Normalmemte was painted in gold and red and the metal parts were originally nickel-plated. Being produced mainly for the American market, the weighing was carried out in ounces.