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Berkel model D scale

Berkel model D



The scale Berkel model D  was produced in the factory Van Berkel's Patent Rotterdam- Holland, but also in other factory including the "The Auto Scale & Slicing Machine" in Chiavenna - So-Italy in the period from 1952 to 1968 The medium-sized Berkel model D scale is always fan-shaped and the maximum range is 10 kilograms. The machine has two dishes, the first of which has different shapes and sizes depending on the type of product in which it was sold in order to better accommodate the goods to be weighed, while the second with a rounded shape has the function of accepting the additional weight needed to overcome the scale of the dials that have 1 kg as the maximum indication. The scale Berkel model D was also supplied as a scale to be placed on work benches, but its original pedestal produced by the parent company "Van Berkel's Patent Rotterdam Holland" was also optionally sold.