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Berkel model BU scale

Berkel model BU



The scale Berkel model BU was produced in the factories of Van Berkel's Patent in Zurich in Switzerland between 1950 and 1955. This is to be considered a scale to be placed in the scale of small scales. The scale Berkel model BU is a variant of the scale Berkel model B  produced in Netherlands. This scale has a maximum capacity of 2 kilograms and a division of 10 grams. On the body of the scale there is a lever that allows, through a rotation, the exceeding of the weight indicated in the graduated scale from the first to the second kilogram. This scale was supplied with goods carrying plates of different shapes and sizes according to the needs of those who bought it. The Berkel BU model was originally produced in the colors red - black - white and metallized gray and the metal parts were chromed. This scale, like many others produced by Berkel, was sold for use on display counters in shops, but in option it was also possible to buy its original pedestal. Altogether it has a weight of about 10 kilograms.