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Berkel model NF scale

Berkel model NF



The scale Berkel model NF was produced by Berkel in the Italian plants of the "The Auto Scale & Slicing Machine" of Chiavenna - SO - in the period from 1944 to 1960. This scale model is to be placed in small-scale scales, and is a close relative of the Berkel model K scale, which appears to be identical in form and design, but not in size. The scale Berkel model NF with fan-shaped dials has a graduated scale with a maximum weight of 1 kilogram, but through the rotation of a knob placed at the bottom of the body of the bar it is possible to have a maximum capacity of 2 kilograms with a division of 5 grams, therefore an excellent precision in weight. The scale Berkel model NF was originally produced in the colors red - white - gray - gold and mahogany, while the metal parts were chromed. It has the dimensions of 54 cm. in height 23 cm. in width and 33 cm. in length. This scale was installed on the display counters of the various stores, but was given the option to purchase its original pedestal produced by "The Auto Scale & Slicing Machine" in Milan.