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Scale Berkel Toledo model 591 BV

Scale Berkel - Toledo Model 591 BV


The scale Berkel-Toledo model BV 591 was produced in the beginning of last century in the period 1908-1916 at the factories of Toledo. The scale Berkel BV 591 is the precursor of the scales produced independently by Berkel. Takes the weight display on a roller that rotates on itself where the weight is printed to be checked, the system used low even from 800 to other manufacturers of weighing systems as Dayton, Universal, Stimpson, Fairbanks etc ... The scale Berkel model 591 BV was one of the first roller scales built without tension springs in the movement mechanism, so much more accurate in weighing. The scale model Berkel BV 591 has a maximum range of 20 Kg. The scale model Berkel BV 591 has the following dimensions: Height 73 cm. Width 44 cm. Length 57 cm.