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Berkel model L



The Flywheel Meat Slcier Berkel model L  was built in the period between 1907 and 1916.The meat slicer Berkel mod L was distributed in Italy to the beginning from BACH in Milan and subsequently also in South America, where, really in that years Berkel Argentina was born.  The Berkel model L in some characteristics takes back the model D, the movement is operated by the open floral flywheel . In the last years of production the movement of the slicer has had an improvement thanks to a counterweight inserted in the flyweel. The runner is supported on four metallic wheels that flow on guides in black bakelite.  The arm of fixing of the product to be cut has its movement among two contrasted racks, the regulation of the thickness of the slice  is effected from an auction numbered with 15 positions.  Characteristic also the plate in the superior part of the body of the slicer that is present only in the first models produced by  Berkel.The blade with 350 mms of diameter, is fixed on on a shoulder whith the lower part rounded shape,where are fixed the plate in iron nicheled for supporting the cut and the round plate, with a different description depending on the country where was sold. In the superior part of the shoulder we find the sharpener of the blade, composed from more nickeled pieces, all to sight and without fairings. The Meat Slicer Berkel mod. L has been produced in the colors red, ivory, black and the metallic parts are nickeled.The Meat Slicer Berkel mod. L  has a total encumbrance of 835 mms x 660 mms, 630 mms. The meat slicer Berkel model L needs a support of 490 mms ant. X 310 mm.The Berkel model L has a total weight is 101 kgs.



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