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Slicer Berkel model 10


The flywheel slicer Berkel model 10 was built in the period between 1944 and 1948 in the Italian factory of "The Auto Scale & Slicing Machine", the company that at the time was responsible for importing Berkel slicers. The slicer Berkel model 10 uses a 370 mm blade. The manual operation of the machine is via a closed flywheel with an external diameter of 380 mm. and inside we can see the writing applied and executed in decal "The Auto Scale & Slicing Machine", while in the first part of the production a flywheel of the Italian version of the Berkel model 7 with embossed lettering . The slicer Berkel model 10 is provided with an accurate adjustment of the slice thickness to 15 with a snap-action clock and has a covering to protect the worm without addition to the automatic slicer, and has many features both in form and in the mechanics of the Berkel model 7. The trolley on the right side strip on the chrome rail by the application of a felt that is lubricated by oil. The Berkel Model 10 slicer features an open-type articulated arm and stainless steel plate plate and has a total carriage travel of 310 mm. The Berkel model 12 slicer was originally painted in red and the metal parts were originally chrome, while the parts were originally painted in red, metallized gray and black, while in the restoration phase we repeat the original colors. The Berkel model 10 slicer requires a 250 mm support. front - 320 mm. rear - 460 mm. length having a total space of 660 mm. in height - 750 mm. in length - 640 mm. in width. The Berkel model 10 slicer has a net weight of 100 kg.



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