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Slicer Berkel model 114


The Slicer Berkel model 114 slicer is the second model fully motorized slicer produced in the Van Berkel's Patent factory in Rotterdam in the period between 1946 to 1964. This high-end slicer is currently appreciated for its still current line and for its small dimensions that create the right alternative for those who want to buy a historic product to be able to place it on the kitchen without the problem of the space occupied by the flywheel, which requires positioning away from openings of doors and drawers. The slicer Berkel model 114  was originally sold with its optional original pedestal where the slicer had its support cross and could occasionally be fixed, giving the possibility to be placed in any position of the store or house. This slicer is provided with the apparatus for the sharpening of the hidden blade placed in the upper part of the machine that allows to operate simply by raising and rotating the whole through a knob in black bakelite placed on the upper part of the sharpener. The slicer has a white opal top to support the cut goods on the left side of the machine body, while on the right side there is the 20 position slice thickness regulator, which gives an adjustment that goes from zero to twenty mm. The slicer has a blade of 275 mm in diameter and weighs a total of 52 kg. And the overall dimensions are: 375 mm. Height - 670 mm. Length - 500 mm. Width.


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