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Meat Slicer Berkel model 21


The flywheel slicer Berkel Model 21 was built in the factories of Maatschappij Van Berkel's Patent Rottedam NV in Netherlands in the period between 1948 to 1956. In fact this is the third version of the Berkel slicer model 8H defined and marked "Berkel model 21" only for the Italian market from Bach, the distributor of Milan, while in the rest of the world known as Berkel model 8h. Unlike the previous Berkel model 8h second series is appointed a sharpener identical to the Berkel model 9h with detachable grinders with automatic pressure, and uses a sliding plate automatically displaceable and with hand, it is fixed an articulated arm at the maximum aperture to secure and stable grip the meat to be sliced ​​.The sliding driver is mounted in the left part of self-lubricated guides, guarded by a stainless steel protection of oval shape for ensure maximum hygiene and cleaning, while in the right part flows through a coated bearing a shirt in teflon to ensure a greater smoothness and quietness during operation and has a running of 315 mm. The flywheel slicer Berkel model 21 has inside a gear assembly of helical type with protection box, a snap deflector and coverage of the worm screw. The adjustment of the slice thickness is with 15 different positions, and use a bladeof 370 mm. The flywheel slicer Berkel model 21 working by a flywheel closed with a diameter of 360 mm. and inside applied the decal "Van Berkel's Patent". All metal parts are originally chrome, in addition to the use of special stainless steels especially in the parts in direct contact with the meat and the salt contained in them also with preserving time and use the machine in its caratteritiche of freshness. The flywheel slicer Berkel model 21 was originally painted in red black and ivory. The Berkel model 21 needs a support of 250 mm. Front - 250 mm. Rear - 460 mm. It has a total length of 645 mm footprint. height - 750 mm. length - 720 mm. in width. The Slicer Berkel model 21 has a net weight of 101 kg.



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