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Burgers & VDF



From historical documents it results that Henricus Burgers patented his first slicer with Flywheel in Deventer Holland in 1869. Henricus Burgers founded his factory in 1869 where it already produced bicycles and sewing machine. The patent from the slicers of Henricus Burgers consists in the movement of the runner in semicircular senseand and have fulcrum in the right part allowing the use of a flat blade since moving the driver, the product comes to touch exclusively the sharp part of the blade avoiding any contact with the rest. This patent revolutionized the cut of the meat allowing a greater precision and speed giving a tool that relieved the job of the employees. The factory continued with a small production of slicers because saw a greater market above all in bicycles, and subsequently sold the sector of the production to the VDF.