Meat Slicer Berkel model NS


The flywheel meat slicer Berkel model NS is built in the period between 1932 and 1936. The Meat Slicer Berkel model NS has a regulation of the thickness of the slice of 15 positions, the blade used by 319 mms. The slide of the runner happens in the left part through of the small metallic wheels that rotate on a guide in black bakelite and the guide of the runner is directly melted in the body of the machine. The driving of the slicer happens through a closed fly wheel of external diameter equal to 300 mms. and to the inside we find the writing in relief “Van Berkel’s Patent Rotterdam Holland.” The Berkel model NS originally came painted in red and the metallic parts were originally chromed. The Meat Slicer Berkel model NS needs an I support of 230 mms. anterior-230 mms. back-430 mms. length having a total encumbrance of 590 mms. in height-685 mms. in length-570 mms. in width.The Slicing Machine Berkel model NS has a clean weight of 45 Kgs.








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