Or "WBS" the company carrying out the restoration. The certificate is for guarantees that the slicer is in any case a restored vintage slicer and not a reproduction or a replica or a transformation from other slicers of other brands and models.

The laboratories of WBS

The restoration of the Slicers and Scales is carried out exclusively inside the WBS laboratories by people with many years of experience.
For a quality restoration, it is above all necessary to keep all the original parts, repair any defects, strictly avoiding the systematic replacement of worn parts in order not to compromise the actual and historical value. Unfortunately, to save time and money, many replace a large number of pieces of the slicer, which according to their restoration criteria would work better – however, significantly devaluing the restored object, according to all the conservative restoration standards. Any replaced part ALWAYS Greatly Depreciates the VALUE .


The excellence of a product translated into the perfection of an artisan restoration carried out with passion and competence 100% originality, antique pedestals, original decorations. Our company offers the most complete collection of slicers pedestals scales objects and historical documents in the world.

Professional Restauration

WBS is a WORLD LEADER company specializing in the restoration of slicers and scales, in addition to the design and construction of new concept models.

WBS Company

The WBS company “The World´s Best Slicers” deals exclusively with the professional restoration of historic Berkel slicers and scales and other famous brands.

Certification Of originality

The certificate guarantees that the slicer is in any case a restored vintage slicer and not a reproduction or a replica or a transformation from other slicers of other brands and models


It is therefore essential for us to offer and restore only original pieces
of European or North American manufacture. We guarantee for this! All our works are certified.

Restoration is a craft activity linked to the maintenance, recovery, restoration and conservation of works of art, a
object, whatever it is, to which a particular value is recognized.
Unfortunately, there are many who feel at the Center of the World and distort the original work by practicing Modernizations.
What are the factors that determine the value of a historic slicer? Certainly many, not all of equal weight.

The old producer has built perfect slicers, which have cut for decades or even over a hundred years in an exemplary way, we have to learn from those, without upsetting anything of their work and canceling the value of these objects of value and prestige.
The price of a completely original restored slicer is always higher than a slicer to which parts have been replaced and restored respecting the correct parameters for the restoration.

Quality Restauration

In a historic slicer, if is a Berkel or another brand, not only the external appearance is important, but the evaluation of every detail is essential. The first phase is to complete the slicer with original parts, not newly built, recovering worn parts without quickly replacing them with new production parts, excluding the blade, sharpening stones and bearings.

Unfortunately, in recent years, numerous opportunists have appeared on the market who also define themselves as Professional Restorers, who do not respect any of the basic rules on restoration.
1) They do not respect the correct coloring in any way.
2) They do not respect in any way neither the modality of the decoration nor the graphic correctness.
3) They replace numerous mechanical and non-mechanical parts to (according to them) improve operation. We remember that with the recovery of the original parts it is essential for a restoration work, otherwise we fall into simple mystifications.


Each phase of the restoration has a great importance on the final result; from the mastery of the mechanical work to the quality of the painting and the products used for the same up to the decorations made with original decals. The purchase of a historic BERKEL slicer is normally an important event and the prices on the market are the most varied, as the origin in addition to the complete originality of the machine, but not only, the quality of the products used for the restoration and care of the mechanics, they make a difference in the total price that can even reach double of the price.

1) The rare slicer always has charm, much more is rare and the value will be higher. If there has been the production of a model for a short time and the greater the age in addition to the smaller number of slicers are rived to us, and highest is the value.
2) The originality, or the absence of missing parts before the restoration becomes a corollary of its uniqueness. The price in addition to the value of a slicer with all the original parts is certainly higher.
3) The quality of the restoration. That is, materials such as Galvanic, Paint, Decoration and Mechanics are important for having a Certified Slicer.

WBS company

The WBS company “The World´s Best Slicers” deals exclusively with  professional restoration of historic Berkel slicers and scales and other famous brands.



With this slogan, WBS has been restoring since 1984. Guarantee of a valuable restoration, which gives security for the purchase of a historical rarity.

We make a personalized offer on the model that is to your liking, guaranteeing you the best treatment.

Only original spare parts

Su richiesta abbiamo anche numerosi piedistalli in vendita oltre alle affettatrici complete a magazzino.